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Yuqing Cao (b.1998), work with images, videos and texts. Graduated with a bachelor's degree in Video Art from the Department of Public Art, School of Design, East China Normal University, Shanghai. Currently studying at the Piet Zwart Institute in the Netherlands. She pays attention to the intimate relationship between people, constantly excavating the hidden reality in daily life, focusing on the narrative of individual experience, and using images to explore the implicit connection between social space and private emotions. 



  • Intern, D.N.CLUB Darkroom Photography Studio, Shanghai                                                          Jul 2019 – Jan 2020


•   Communicated with photographers, prepared shooting sets, and assisted the lecturer with photograph development tutorials

•   Achieved an understanding of the darkroom operation process and introduced it to customers 

•   Acquired professional experience, such as outputting images in the post-production; setting and measuring light when shooting with large-format camera

•   Self-produced a camera to improve skills in handcrafts and developed knowledge of camera structure

  • Sound Producer, Performance Team, The 7th Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Zhejiang                  Jul – Sep 2019


•   Responsible for sound effect and production in a theatre performance shortlisted for the Festival’s Youth Competition

•   Self-learned sound design, and made the most suitable sound according to the drama plot 

  • Graphic Designer, Alpenliebe Company China, Shanghai                                                               Jan – Apr 2023


•   Responsible for graphic design and cartoon character design 

•2020 East China Normal University Degree Show, Outstanding Design Award                                                                                                                                           Jun 2020


•One-Minute Video Contest, Narrative Award                                                                                                                                                                                      Nov 2019


•The Fourth ‘Huichuang Youth’ Shanghai University Students Creative Cultural Work Exhibition, Second Prize                                                                                                  Aug 2019


•“Accidental & Imagination” — The Photography and Video Art Exhibition of Faculties and Selected Students of School of Design of ECNU , Himalaya Museum, Shanghai                    Oct 2022


•Metaverse Trendy Art Joint Exhibition, Shangzun Gallery, Beijing                                                                                                                                                           May 2023

Awards & Exhibitions:


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